Bulk Meal Prep

Feeling accomplished! I prepped and froze meat for 15 future meals–before noon!

Do you prep and freeze meat for future meals? If not, you should. This is such a time saver and will help you be disciplined to cook when coming home from a long day.

I started with 3 packages of lean ground beef: two – 5 pound packages and one – 2 pound package.

I cooked one of the 5 pound packages and two onions in the Instant Pot. Here are instructions on how to do this. Place trivet in bottom of instant pot. Add 1 cup of water. Place 5 pounds ground beef on top of trivet. Add 2 large chopped onions. High pressure for 25 Minutes, then NPR.

For meals ideas with precooked ground beef, check out my “Ground Beef Series”.

I used the 2 pound package for burger patties.

I used the other 5 pound package for meatloaf. Below are some photos.